Prologue to Deception

Hey everyone,

Here is a brief excerpt of a novel I am working on. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of it. Thanks for reading!!!


Get me out of here, someone! she thought as ran through the hallways searching for any sign of sweet escape. The blinding white walls of the hallway seemed to constrict, closing in on her. Her breathing came heavily in and out of her quivering mouth, each breath seemed agonizingly loud, as it echoed throughout the building. The air felt heavier and stiff making it harder to breathe. She felt her throat tightening and she couldn’t get the proper air to her lungs making getting the right amount of oxygen to her brain impossible

Her feet made a constant rhythm, mimicking the rapid beating of her heart, while her eyes scanned the long halls for signs of life. Her vision became blurred, her muscles began to cramp and she was feeling very light-headed. She was resisting the urge to break down and cry right there with her life on the line, survival becoming her only motivation, the will to live her driving force.

I trusted him! I went against what every fiber of my being was telling me and he screwed me over. If I make it out of here I will never let that happen again! she thought.

Then there was an odd beat, she couldn’t tell if it was her heart or her steps. Something sounded out of rhythm. She stopped suddenly holding her breath, as if the sound of her gasping for air would give her position away. Her captors, were not far away. The pounding of footsteps as a dozen of armed men searched for their victim, brought the halls to life. Out of fear that she had stayed still for too long, she broke out into a sprint, the footsteps behind her got louder and quicker. They were catching up with her, He was catching up with her. She pushed her legs harder and harder, until they felt like jelly beneath her slender frame. But she had to escape their was no other option. If she stopped now the lies would start over and she would never be able to end this charade.

She kept running, her fiery red hair flying out behind her as she took this corner and that. Her shoes made a now faster paced rhythm on the floor as she ran. If she had been in any other situation, the run would be a welcome one but she knew this one depended on her life.

“You won’t make it out of here, Chloe. You might as well give up. Of all people you should know how tight our security is. You’ll be caught before you ever reach an open exit. We have sealed this place up tight, you’re only wearing yourself out.” the blonde haired man yelled behind her.

He was about six feet tall and a hundred pounds heavier than she, but none of that was fat. His white skin, bulging muscles, made him a naturally intimidating person. The sight of him, the thought of him, how he had betrayed her filled her up with anger. She had loved him for nine years, not knowing he was just using her.

Hell, Chloe thought, Everyone was using me.

She knew better then to respond, she didn’t have the energy to talk. She had to keep focused on running, otherwise she would collapse onto the gleaming tile floor with the blaring florescent lights to encompass her. Finally, she saw the sweet salvation she had been waiting for at the end of a corridor. A loading door that hadn’t yet been shut yet. She ran with all her might for her only escape from this nightmare of a place.

” Quick! Shut the exit! Before she gets out!” her ex growled into his radio.

She pushed forward even faster, now the guards had a warning, that door would be closed in a matter of seconds. She could see the door descending, and her hope for escaping narrowing. When she was five feet from the exit she dropped and slid underneath the door, taking advantage of the freshly waxed floor tiles. The door thudded shut instantly behind her. Her ex hit the cold metal with good force and yelling every cuss word he could think of.

“Sealed up tight, my ass,” she shouted then sighed a breath of relief. The wind gusted through her red hair, she felt alive, rejuvenated. She could breathe again, she took two deep, greedy breaths, her mind speeding up and her instincts waking up for the first time in a long time. But she knew she wasn’t out of danger just yet. She made it out of the building but she still had to make it out of the compound. That would be the hardest part of her escape.

She heard the dogs barking in the distance, if she didn’t start soon they would catch up with her for sure. She also had to worry about the men on the other side of the door trying to get out. She had to run now, she could not afford the rest her body was craving for.

She looked around her for a jeep or any vehicle for that matter. She spotted a tan beat-up jeep over in the far corner of the parking lot, but she was too far away, they would be on her before she could climb inside. Her only hope was the woods to her left, knowing she had to make a decision she jumped up and took off.

Her thoughts threatened to overwhelm her while she ran by the blur of trees and bushes that were all around her, but she pushed them from her mind. If she ever wanted to make it out, she had to focus all her energy on fighting her way out.

She ran west toward the less used entrance. She knew this compound better than she knew herself, which now was less than she thought. This place had been her home and job for the last year, although she interned here all through college. She knew the farthest entrance to the west would be virtually unarmed and they wouldn’t have time to arm it before she got there. There would be five to six guys at the most. That would be a walk in the park compared to the rest of the entrances.

She felt this wasn’t the first time she faced a situation like this, but it was the first time she could remember. Everyone was against her. Her family, friends almost everyone she had ever met. Her life was a lie, as far as she knew, she was nothing more than an elaborate experiment. There was no way to tell what part of it was real, and what was not. No way to tell who she could trust, therefore she trusted no one. She had no where to turn, no one to run to. She was absolutely and completely alone.

The dogs barking behind her pulled Chloe out of her trance, they were getting closer. She could hear the men shouting commands at each other. Her estimated time to get through the gates would be about six minutes if she was lucky. She pushed herself harder, every second she could gain was a miracle.

She busted through the last of the trees and bushes. She spotted three men instantly, one in the back pacing the length of the two brick buildings and two manning the gate. There was no time to waste planning, she had to act quick.

Without breaking stride, she quickly and quietly came up behind the first of the guards and clapped her hands hard over his ears, busting his eardrums and stalling him enough to snap his neck. She paused for a second shocked at what she had just done but knew now was not the time to ponder her decisions.

She picked up his gun and grabbed his i.d. badge from the clip on his vest. Silently she slipped around the corner coming up on the two other guards. Her instincts took over again. It was as if in a past life she was a natural killer; her body knew what to do even if the mind did not. At this point she was moving on muscle memory more than anything else. She knew she had to be extremely fast in killing them both and be silent while sneaking up on them.

She knew there would be at least three more men close by, two who would be on the roof and one in front. Just as she stepped forward one of the guards’ radio went off.

“We have a female on the loose. Red hair, 5″4′ and very dangerous. Do not kill, repeat do not kill her! She was headed your way and we’re right behind her,”

She quickly ran up behind them disarming the one on the left, who pulled out his tazer during the radio transmission. Then she knocked him out with her elbow to his face. She came up fast on the second guard and kicked him in the stomach, knocking the breath from him, and then she clubbed him with the gun she had picked up from the very first guard.

By this time the guards in front heard the commotion and came through. While she put the i.d. badge in the slot she contemplated how she was going to handle the one extra guard she wasn’t expecting. The gate started to move; in seconds there was just enough space for her to slide through. She readied the gun as she advanced. The two men were in front of her in a blink of the eye; she shot the first one, killing him instantly. The second was a little faster and he had pulled his own tazer from his holder. He came at her, she grabbed his wrist and slammed her arm against his elbow breaking his arm.

“Tell them to stop hunting me or unfortunately for them, they will lose more men,” she said then grabbed his tazer and shocked him. It stunned her how easy it was to inflict pain. Nothing like in the movies where you have elaborate fights. It was quick, brutal, and unforgiving.


The guards on the roof were struggling to get down as she disappeared into the woods. One the guards radioed the boss.

“She made it out unharmed and is heading North,” he said.

“Pursue her for 2 or 3 miles but don’t get too close. We want her to think she can escape us for the time being.” replied the boss.


Hope you all enjoyed the excerpt! Stay tuned for more works in the coming weeks 🙂

-N Leher


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